Professional Coaching


Are you creating your life, or are you just living in existence?
Are you working with your passion?
Is your job a WOW! factor in your life?
Are you inspired and energised to go to work in the morning?
Do you enjoy your work environment?
Does your boss bring the best out in you?
Are you passionate about the industry you are working in?
Do you enjoy 80% of the responsibilities which form part of your job?
Enjoying career advancement, development and growth?
Have you reached a point where you want a shift in career or want to change your career completely, without relevant qualifications, and/or experience?
Do you feel you have outgrown your position of leadership?
You can’t put your finger on it, but you simply don’t feel happy in your job anymore?

Coaching sessions are provided on an individual basis with the aim of assisting you to identify your life purpose and your passion and aligning this to your professional aspirations.

Having a holistic understanding of business and the importance of employer/employee synergy, coupled with spiritual guidance, I am able to guide you in the right direction and empower you to take control of your career and to make the shifts and changes necessary to achieve your professional goals and to align yourself with the right employer.