Crystal Intuitive Readings

Have you reached a cross road in your life?
Are you feeling confused?  Anxious? Lost?
Are you feeling ill at ease?
Feeling disconnected from yourself and others?
Feeling unbalanced and ‘all over the place’?
Feeling drained and exhausted?
Not sure what your purpose is?  What your passion is?

I work intuitively with the energy of crystals and Higher Guidance to assist you to gain perspective and clarity in all areas affecting your life, leaving you feeling empowered to fulfil your life purpose whilst balancing your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical states of BEing.

During your session energy blockages and/or lessons delaying your journey to self-fulfilment are identified. The session, whilst intuitively guided, deals with the ‘here and now’ and the state of ‘living in the present moment’ is encouraged.