Mentorship Sessions

The aim of the mentorship sessions is to provide you with monthly support as you embark upon an individual journey of self development and growth.  The sessions assist you to BE the best BEING you can BE with ongoing support, encouragement and upliftment (“Alstar/Shasta”).

In these session you are led to connect authentically deep within your own BEING and are empowered to BE in this state as much as possible, i.e. to “walk your talk”.  Sometimes life throws us curve balls which can create insecurity and indecisiveness causing imbalance and anxiety despite having attended workshops and having read books comprising collective knowledge.  These sessions enable you to move forward in your own specific growth processes despite the curve balls.

Each session is unique depending on where you are at in terms of your soul growth. Whatever tools will support you best will be shared in order to empower you to remain centred in the core of your being whilst keeping things in perspective on a consistent basis, no matter what changes occur in and around you.

Hands-on-healing with crystals are incorporated into sessions when necessary to support and assist the physical body in adjusting to the mental, emotional and spiritual body evolvement.  As transformation occurs, certain shifts can be expected on various levels.

As the work is on an individual basis a structured programme is followed to include “Reclaim Yourself”, “Self Healing” and “Inner Child” modules, as well as Guided spiritual development and work with the crystals.