Mentorship Sessions

I combine my 19 years experience within strategic consulting, human resources, facilitation, training and development with my intuitive abilities to assist employers/employees and individuals on a holistic level to become the best BEing they can BE.

Using a systemic approach to consulting and coaching I work on a practical, yet energetic/intuitive level, to assist businesses and individuals alike for the greater growth and development of all.

I work with individuals and corporates to facilitate positive energetic transformation by providing, amongst other, Personal Coaching and Mentorship services over and above running various empowerment workshops.

For business owners, I believe in facilitating and fostering non egoic leadership skills within teams, mobilizing unique wellness frameworks to enhance staff productivity, motivation, development and retention strategies in order to sustain healthy work environments and work ethics conducive to long term employer/employee synergy.

Sessions are unique to YOU, accommodating where you are at in your life journey.  Whatever tools will support you best will be shared in order to empower you to remain centred in the core of your being whilst keeping things in perspective on a consistent basis, no matter what changes occur in and around you.

The mentorship/coaching programme will benefit any business owner; executive; professional; entrepreneur; public figure; young adult; teenager; and/or any person serious about their self development, wishing to receive ongoing support, structure, enlightenment, guidance and empowerment in a constructive form in order to achieve success.

The programme entails weekly sessions with the intention of supporting individual and career/business oriented goals and assisting with the challenges experienced in this journey.

Whether the challenges incorporate lack of direction and clarity; toxic work environment; office bullying; feelings of disillusionment and disempowerment; abusive relationships; peer pressure etc …each persons goals and aspirations within the framework of self development and empowerment is supported.

The Mentorship/Coaching Programme includes unlimited attendance to the weekly meditation classes at no additional cost.

For more information, please contact; or Whatsapp enquiries to 082-886-2552.