Crystal Balancing

In the crystal balancing session, certain crystals (resonant to you) are placed onto the body where required to assist in restoring balance and wellness to your energy system.  The crystals emanate their vibrations naturally in accordance with your requirements to achieve this.

The crystals rectify energetic imbalances which, amongst other, can create feelings of being “all over the place”, “out of sorts” and generally “antsy” or “lethargic” and “stagnant”, thus promoting a sense of being one with SELF again and calm.

This healing can be done regularly, especially where ongoing exposure to stress is being experienced, or where any kind of trauma has been experienced (past or present).

There are 7 major energy points in our bodies called chakras. Each one has a specific function and is associated with a life lesson.  The flow of energy between the chakra’s can affect our overall sense of wellbeing.  Amongst other, stress, tiredness, depression, illness as well as external factors such as toxic work environments, being surrounded by negative people etc can cause the vortexes of energy to slow down.  When one or more of the chakras are not in harmony it can lead us to feeling unbalanced and unwell.

The chakras and the mineral kingdom are both sources of energy and work together by merging our electromagnetic field with Mother Earth’s to restore balance within us.