Crystal Energy Clearing

Are you feeling drained and tired all the time?
Are you feeling despondent and depressed?
Suffering from stress and anxiety?
Wanting to let go of past issues which prevent you from moving forward?
Feeling ‘stuck’?

Crystal Reflexology (promotes relaxation and release from stress) – various crystals are used in this massage complementing one’s energy centres which are representative in our hands and feet.

Spinal Clearing (dispersing any blockages along the main conduit where psychic energy flows, thus allowing healing energy to flow freely to all areas of the body, including into the various energetic vortexes being the chakras)

Healing the Inner Child (deals with releasing and healing past issues and allows one  to reconnect with one’s inner child – promoting the fun and creative side within oneself. This is an intense and powerful session allowing you to embrace all that is in the NOW and what is to come in the future. This session includes a meditation and some coaching.

Amplification of one’s energy field (this is a powerful layout which works on one’s energy centres, bringing about total cleansing and realignment of one’s thoughts, actions and deeds and unblocking old energies which no longer serve us). All aspects of SELF become harmoniously aligned with all that is. This session can include a meditation, depending on specific client needs