Energies are transmitted in and around us all the time and crystals pick up on these. The Crystal Kingdom is able to cleanse themselves by up to 80% within the right environment under ideal conditions (“Alstar/Shasta”). As this is not 100% it is advisable to clean your crystal after choosing it as it is best to start off with a clean and positively charged crystal infused with your energy programmed and dedicated for its specific purposes aligned to your Will.

Your crystals should be cleansed regularly, irrespective of where they are placed.

Cleansing methods :
The most effective method for cleansing is to cover your crystals in brown rice.  The brown rice balances and centres the crystal’s energy, neutralising any negative energies it may have absorbed. This type of cleansing appeals to all types of crystals and is a gentle process.

You can rinse your crystals under running water, however, make sure you know which crystals can withstand this, for example; Selenite should not be exposed to water. Also, please bear in mind that there are many chemicals and metals in our water which is not ideal.

You can place smaller crystals or your pendants on a ‘cleansing crystal cluster’ (Amethyst/Clear Quartz Cluster) overnight. Your clusters would be programmed as cleansers and energisers.

Some natural stones can be buried into the sand for 24 hours.

For a quick cleanse, you can burn incense such as White Sage and Sandalwood, or use a smudge stick. The smoke from either assists in cleansing your crystals

The energy from each full moon is powerful and rejuvenates and refreshes the energy within your crystals. It is not necessary to place crystals outside under the full moon as the make-up of crystals resonate with the magnetic energy of Mother Moon and so her energy reaches all the crystals naturally. The more consciously aware you are around full moon working with her energy, the more this process is enhanced with your Light and Love.

Please do not store your crystals in man made containers. Rather store them in glass bowls, or natural containers made from wood.

Happy Cleansing 🙂