Home & Office Cleansing

Does the energy in your home feel ‘heavy’?
Do you work in a toxic environment where you are surrounded by negativity?
Do you ever feel there is a room in your home or an office you avoid going into because you don’t like the energy there?
Do you ever feel that one room in your home appears to be darker than the rest without plausible reason?
Did a traumatic event shift the energy in your home?
Do your offices feel different following a merger/acquisition?

Crystals placed in and around the home and/or office environment bring a whole new energetic dynamic to the environment. Each crystal brings its own energetic influence into an environment depending on its properties. Crystals, with intent, can create a calm and tranquil environment, transmute negative energies, ward off heavy energy from electronic equipment (office environment), promote constructive communication, alleviate negativity and open up the flow of light energy in and around others within an environment.

Just as we take responsibility to keep our energetic systems clean by way of, amongst other, using Epsom/Himalayan salt, so too, we can take responsibility and intentionally keep our home and/or office environment clean by using various methods such as smudging with Sage, burning incense such as Sandalwood and White Sage, placing specific crystals for various purposes around the environment, using a Tibetan bell, Singing bowl etc.

It is about balancing the elements and creating free flow of positivity in Light, enhancing the feel good energies which every home and work environment aspires to achieve.

Each environment requires a unique solution, so please do not hesitate to contact me for assistance in creating the ideal environment according to your needs.