Horses and Crystals

The healing properties of crystals extend beyond us humans to include animals and plants.  The energetic connection between the crystal kingdom, the animal kingdom and plant kingdom is undeniable and together, these three magnificent kingdoms of Light unite to serve as healers to us.  A magnificent healer gifted to us from the animal kingdom is The Horse!!  Horses are natural healers, who have one of the highest order (together with the Dolphins) of telepathy with us Beings.

Through research, I have found that horses communicate the same messages as the crystal kingdom and the unified Source is one of Truth. I have further observed that horses naturally embrace and welcome the energies of crystals for their own healing which in turn facilitates their ability to heal mankind.  Thus, the greatest gift beyond unconditional love we can give the horse, is the support of the crystal kingdom.

Horses who are exposed to crystals are more peaceful, calm and heal faster on different levels.  Furthermore, crystals facilitate clearer communication between horses and mankind.

I facilitate this process in providing holistic healing to both horse and ‘handler/owner’.  Knowing which crystal to place on and around the horse (or in their water buckets), whether for physical, emotional and/or mental support/healing is a wonderful gift.

Horses provide and facilitate physical grounding, balancing and anchoring of our energies and the crystals enhance this. It is for this reason that horses naturally have the ability to provide miraculous results with those who are disabled and/or those who require physical rehabilitation.

Understanding the horse’s role on our planet and the gifts the horse brings mankind is truly humbling and together with the crystal kingdom, it becomes an enlightened and deeply humbling journey.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information about the powerful connection between horses, humans and crystals.