One of the most valuable gifts you can give yourSelf is TIME!!!

….Time to chillax

….Time to allow yourself to simply BE with Self

….Time to allow your heart rate to decrease (as well as your bloodpressure ;-))

….Time to allow your muscles to relax

….Time to give your mind a break from thinking

….Time to still all forms of anxiety

Spoil yourself by setting aside an hour once a week and join the Crystal Energy meditation classes which are focussed on regenerating your Being as well as :

  • developing your intuition
  • cleansing your thoughts and emotions
  • clearing your energy centres of blockages
  • attaining a sense of calm and centredness

You do not need to know how to meditate in order to join these meditation classes precious Souls, so come along and join others with the common will for peace, calm and relaxation.

Meditations are facilitated every Wednesday evening (19h00 – 20h00) and Saturday morning (08h00 – 09h00).

Discount : 20% discount for upfront monthly payments

Free Attendance : For those who are participating in my coaching / mentorship programmes as this is part of the process of anchoring self empowerment and self love.

Please confirm your attendance with me via Whatsapp on : 082-886-2552 or via Email as space is limited