The mentorship programme encompasses monthly one-on-one sessions and is structured for those who wish to embark upon a spiritual journey of growth and enlightenment and who require support on their journey in amidst the noise of “Life”.

The Aim of this programme is to assist you to BE the best BEING you can BE with ongoing support, encouragement and upliftment as you integrate your spiritual journey with the experiences of life.

This process is an individual journey unique to your requirements, where you are led deep within your authentic BEING and are empowered to heal Self and develop Self in accordance with what is for your highest and greatest good.

Each session is unique depending on what guidance steps forward and whatever tools will support you best will be shared in order to empower you to remain centred in the core of your being whilst keeping things in perspective on a consistent basis, no matter what changes occur in and around you in the weeks that follow. Sessions may include hands-on healing with crystals from time-to-time.

The programme will include modules such as “Reclaim Yourself”, “Self Healing” and “Healing the Inner Child”. These modules will incorporate working with the crystals.

Support and learning takes place on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.