Pets and Crystals


Crystals work with humans, animals and plants by interacting with each body’s electromagnetic field known as its aura.  Knowing how crystals emit and direct energy, allows us to use crystals for healing and communication purposes as they affect the energy field of all Beings of Light.

Crystals assist us with our pets as they enhance telepathic communication with our pets as well as healing.

Crystals facilitate the finding of lost and missing animals in accordance with the will of their Soul and allow us to, with intent, support their healing processes.

We are able to help our animals in their life journey by, amongst other, using crystals in the following ways :

  • Placing specific crystals in our pets drinking water (into their water bowls) can support specific healing processes as well as promote a balanced state of wellbeing
  • Placing specific crystals in and around their sleeping areas (in baskets, under blankets etc) can uplift our pets moods as well as bring about an enhanced state of calm where there is anxiety or stress
  • Massaging our animals with specific crystals can assist/accelerate healing
  • Creating a grid of crystals can serve multiple functions such as to support specific healing processes, or to support many animals in need by sending them pure energy and healing, or to support the lost and missing animals on a higher level

There is a growing interest from a veterinary perspective in this realm of natural healing which supports the sciences and physiological healing.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information and/or guidance in regards to your pets needs.