“I experienced Nicole to be frank, honest and accurate with her guidance. Her patience was incredible in answering all of my questions. Her channelling of messages and the crystal healing process was so valuable for me. Nicole’s business knowledge was fundamental in guiding me that I was able to achieve success in a recent industry accolade. For my son and daughter I found Nicole to be enormously encouraging and uplifting in helping them to achieve greatness. I found that she was able to share relevant examples from her personal life to help my son to understand his uniqueness and to help me to parent him differently. The tools Nicole provides from affirmations to crystals helped us to become fearless and more centred. I found Nicole to be refreshingly honest, trustworthy and positive. She is a fire-spirit of energy and positive vibration. She genuinely cares and reaches out to one even after the healing session. Thank you Nicole for helping my family and I to heal and to move towards becoming more enlightened…” ~ Vanie

“What a pleasure to meet you.  Your knowledge is astounding. I hope to learn a lot more from you in the future.  I am stunned by your knowledge.  It has been a privilege to learn from you.  Thank you for sharing” ~ Genine

“Thank you for the never ending enthusiasm you bring.  I see crystals with a new appreciation. I cannot wait to learn more and put it to good use.  Great knowledge of the Universe. Shares information with passion.  I loved the meditations and exploring what energy the different crystals bring” ~ Cinelle

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and am looking forward to the mentoring sessions in guiding me on my journey of self discovery” ~ Michelle

“Excellent, informative, lovely energies. Nicole’s knowledge and intuition amazes!” ~ Sharon

“Thank you for the lessons in the spiritual realm” ~ Chantel

“I loved Nicole’s crystal course and sessions and would love to take more classes that she offers when time permits in future.I love her openness to work with other practitioners with different skill sets to her own because she understands that some people may find other practitioners and techniques more suited to them…this she does by creating an event where people can experience these different practitioners on her premises and it’s fun, interesting, eye opening and colorful. Again shows you how much she cares about bringing healing, love, light and information so others can thrive. Her personality…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE…open, generous….to a fault sometimes, kind, warm, strong, truthful, firm…..”  ~ Naledi

“Dear Nicole, This is just a short note to acknowledge you and to say thank you. In the past year, since I’ve met you, I have had the opportunity to participate in the most wonderful crystal meditations, full moon meditations, workshops and I’ve also had the pleasure of spending some time alone with you in Intuitive Crystal reading sessions. I must admit that discovering crystals has been very new to me, and there is much to learn, your passion for your calling is so evident and contagious – it is a pleasure to watch and learn from you, it’s safe to say that during each session whether workshop or meditation, you get so carried away by the love for what you do, that this often leads to ‘extended’ workshops. Thank you for your precious time. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and for being such an inspiration.”  ~ Debra

“With every healing comes so many lessons and over time I have learned so much from you. You taught me that life entrusts in all of us the ability to face each challenge, gaining the beautiful gift of knowledge and inner strength and by living life being present in every moment, we can face each challenge with courage. What a gift you have to facilitate the process of realisations in individuals with non-judgemental, unconditional love. Spreading your light is truly admirable and the respect I have for you as teacher and healer goes beyond definition. I feel very blessed, enriched and expanded having you on my journey as facilitator. I am eternally grateful to you…you truly make a difference in my life.”  ~ Adri

“Thank you so much!  It was informative and exciting.  Never knew that crystals had such personality.  Nicole’s intuition is spot-on and her expertise and experience is highly regarded and recommended” ! ~ Ilse

“Over the last couple of years I have collected various crystals and read up a little about each one I was drawn to – took them outside on Full Moon nights to clear them, but was never really sure how their energy interacted with us as humans and the animal kingdom. Nicole, during this 2 day workshop, I found a whole new world inside each crystal. I loved the way you guided us into the crystal to explore the energy and really feel it. My cat Crystal has responded so lovingly to the Rose Quartz stroking which you recommend we do on our pets. Thank you for the knowledge and intuitive guidance you shared with us. At the end of the workshop, I knew that once again the Universe, as well as my cat Crystal, guided me to attend this workshop for my own healing”  ~ Eva

I am so humbled by the wonderful loving light of Nicole as a crystal teacher. Through her teachings i have learnt to access the mineral kingdom, to communicate with it and to open myself to the guidance thereof. Nicole has opened a beautiful door to crystals for me for which i am very grateful. I have searched high and low for this incredible teacher being guided by my intuition and so happy i found her to give the precious training to me. Nicole is a excellent teacher and would recommend her classes to anybody who wishes to learn more about crystals. Its an amazing exciting journey which i have found to be richly rewarding to me as my knowledge of crystals has profoundly grown. It is a very exciting step forward to learn a little bit more of your authentic self every step forward and every module training forward. We are so blessed to have Nicole as our crystal teacher and guide. Namaste! ~ Yvette

“A fantastic workshop – I feel a new found love for the crystals and the ease there was to connect with them is the most amazing feeling. Nicole is brilliant in helping to translate messages and explain with the assistance of her and your Guides.  Brilliant Workshop!  A must do” ~ Clair

“Hi Nicole. Namaste to you. I have never got the chance (as many of us say but it is no excuse) to thank you for the meditation classes you had rendered to us on Saturday mornings. …..thank you and a heartfelt “well done” for facilitating such wonderful and meaningful sessions. May you continue to do well and assist all of us in need of such education going further in your life and may God bless you always. Your work is much appreciated and loved.” ~ Priya

“Dearest Whitefeather, …..I feel my path with you as teacher has only just begun and the knowledge you have about the crystal kingdom and beyond are truly admirable. You are one of those special beings of light in human form who does not need to be announced but who’s presence is felt on entering into a room/ space. …I don’t know where to begin to thank you, the guides and all being present during my healing with you.”  ~ AJ

“Insightful and knowledgable. I would love to attend workshops with you.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom” ~ Kavisha

“Nicole is the most intuitive, kind hearted Crystal healer that I know, I am very blessed to have her in my life.  My family have experienced a rough year due to losing my 16 year old Nephew, if it was not for Nicole and her healing and advice, we would not have been able to cope as well as we have.  I was struggling with what exactly my purpose was and where I was supposed to be going, after a session with Nicole, everything just fell into place, she has an unbelievable way of putting things into perspective, I walked away feeling much more confidant in myself and with a much better understanding of what my Life purpose is.  I have done numerous Crystal courses with Nicole, I have found them incredibly interesting and informative, Nicole’s knowledge of the Crystal Kingdom is absolutely amazing and it is through her that I have come to understand and love Crystals and their healing properties.  If you are thinking of booking a consult or a healing session with Nicole, do not hesitate, you will leave feeling totally blessed, peaceful and calm”. ~ Ann

“Nicole, Ellie and I and our entire family are so pleased to have met you, we are truly blessed. Thank you for your glowing light.” ~ Dennis and Ellie

“Thank you Nicole – once again I am always walking away being that much wiser – thank you.”  ~ D.Ann