Animals Embody Unconditional Love

What do animals teach us? What is their purpose on this planet? How do they communicate with us?  What do they share with us?  Do you want to communicate with the animals and hear what they have to say?  Are you willing to allow them to assist you in your healing? The Animal Kingdom provides us with unconditional love and healing energy.  Once we open ourselves up to understanding their messages of healing, we can begin to learn from them.  It is mankind who has over the ages believed they are somewhat superior to the Animal Kingdom.  Little do we know that they are far superior to us.  Their Souls are evolved so much that they are self sacrificing in their quest to teach us much of that which we are only beginning to learn in the lesson of unconditional love.  Each animal has something to teach us.  Whether it is birds, whose individual calls are resonant with the sound of crystals and whose flight patterns shift energies for our highest and greatest good, or whether it be horses who bring about the balancing of energies, or be it pets who transmute energies unconditionally within the home environment, or be it the dolphins who carry the energies of the crystals through the waters of Mother Earth, representing our emotional body and that of Mother Gaia.  The topic is vast.  We, as humans, are only beginning to understand the true value of these unconditional bearings of Light and Love and how they work with the Crystal Kingdom. Learn more about this……… Save Save Save